Anti-fraud on Babu88

One of the main problems that is relevant to the gambling industry is fraud. In particular, money laundering. Unscrupulous users often try to implement their schemes using casino and betting sites, so the industry has adopted a number of rules and regulations to discourage illegal activities. A number of such rules are in place on Babu88.

Babu88 fights the fraud and keep your money safe.

Additional information

We have implemented certain restrictions to minimize the risk of fraud:

  • Only users over 18 years of age are allowed to register. Underage players cannot create an account and make deposits;
  • We have set a limit of one account per user. Registration of a second account is prohibited and punishable by blocking all accounts;
  • There are deposit and withdrawal limits for each e-wallet in the cash desk. Payment transactions can be made only within these limits;
  • Withdrawal of money is allowed only to verified electronic wallets, which belong to the owner of the account. The requisites must be the same.

Also, the security service may ask the user to verify his identity at any time. Failure to do so will result in the freezing of the account and the inability to withdraw funds.

If the security service suspects that the user is engaged in any type of fraud, the potential offender’s account will also be temporarily frozen. The blocking lasts until all the details are clarified. If fraud or money laundering is confirmed, the account will be permanently blocked and the details of the offender will be handed over to law enforcement authorities for further investigation.

A user-facing account blocking can challenge this decision by writing to the Babu88 support team.

Babu88 has several restrictions that help to protect your money.